How we work

Do any of these scenarios feel familiar to you? If so, I can help.

3 Key Elements That Lead to Healing

There are three key elements that guide my work with clients and students:

  1. Unconditional acceptance – Creating a space of non-judgment is key. Fear, hurt and shame tend to stop people from taking the first step. If you don’t feel safe enough to explore the problems you’re facing, you don’t get to the core of being able to solve them. We create a safe space for you, to give you a chance to breathe and to feel accepted just as you are.
  2. Your core beliefs –Your core beliefs are what you’ve come to believe as true, and they shape how you live your life. When you want to move forward in life but feel stuck, it’s usually a sign that there are core beliefs you’re hanging on to that are getting in the way. We help you to uncover your core beliefs so that you can see the ways they’re working in your life. From there, you get to choose whether you want to keep those core beliefs, or ultimately change them.
  3. The spiritual nature of Life – It’s tough when you feel like all the answers have to come from you or that you have to make things happen all by yourself. The Truth is that we live in a Universe that supports you being joyful and happy. When you approach life from this more expansive perspective, possibilities open up for you that you may have never imagined. We help you to understand and apply spiritual principles and practices so that you can create a more rewarding and fulfilling life. The guiding question in all your endeavors becomes, “Who are you called to be?”


When you bring all three of these elements together, not only does it help you breathe a big sigh of relief, but you also start to feel more purpose and joy in your life.

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