Is this you?

Do any of these scenarios feel familiar to you? If so, I can help.

Work/Life Balance & Moving Forward

Unhappy with work? It’s Monday morning. You had a great weekend. Now you’re in your bedroom, getting ready for work, and you start to feel the creeping dread of another week of the same-ole, same-ole at work. You’re thinking you should feel grateful that you have a job, but somewhere deep inside you know you’re not really happy with your work.

Quitting your job? You made the decision to quit your job. You feel relief, but you’re also freaking out. You’re not sure what you really want to do, and you’re starting to doubt whether you made the right decision to quit.

Starting a business? You decide you want to be your own boss and focus on your passions as your new business, but here’s the problem. You’re not sure where to start. You’re good at different things, and you have a general sense of what interests you, but you’re wondering how to make it all sustainable.

Financial Pitfalls & Your Future

Money stress? You just got paid a couple of days ago, so you sit at your kitchen table at home with a stack of bills, ready to make some payments. You start writing out checks and paying bills online. Suddenly, you feel your spirits sinking. Your money is dwindling, and you realize that you’re going to have barely enough after the bills are paid, much less saving anything. You’re caught in a cycle you can’t seem to get out of.

Playing catch up? You go on fantastic vacations, eat out at restaurants and spend money enjoying life. Your Facebook friends tell you how lucky you are to live so fabulously. What they don’t know is how anxious you’re feeling. You don’t have any savings in place, you feel like you should be farther ahead with your money, and time is running out.

Feeling the call for something more? Your life is busy, and that’s good. You’ve achieved a certain level of success, you make things happen, and you’re even making decent money. And yet, there’s another part of you that’s calling for attention. You don’t feel entirely whole. You feel like there’s a part of you that is crying for attention, a creative, more grand expression that wants to shine. Furthermore, you want to give it voice, but you don’t know where to start.

Abudant Good Can Help

I’ve worked with different types of people, including:

  • People who’ve worked for a while in corporations, government, and non-profits.
  • People who are hustling and bringing in money in different ways / projects / whatever they can.
  • People who have a regular job and have a side business.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who feel they’ve hit a wall.

Our approach will work for you if you have these values:

  • You’re open to exploring spiritual practices to better your life, whether it’s downloading a meditation app on your smartphone or reading inspirational books.
  • You love learning new things.
  • You care about other people and the world around you.

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