Overview of Services and Programs

Imagine a garden where you get to walk through and partake of the different choices of fruits and vegetables. Here at Abundant Good Coaching and Training, you get to explore in this veritable garden of good and choose where in your life you are most seeking support. As you scan over the different service and program offerings, feel free to click on each program to learn a little bit more.

A sacred space for your reflection, renewal and re-imagination
​a virtual mini-retreat

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Learn to trust your intuition to express your heart’s calling.

“Visioning” is a spiritual practice that taps into your intuition, like tuning into a streaming broadcast of your highest and best life that’s calling you forward. If you’re feeling there might be more in store for you but you can’t really see what that looks like, visioning helps by unlocking possibilities for your life or your business that you might not have imagined.

Webinar and live workshop. Click here for more details.

Creative attraction for a life and work that you love.

In this signature workshop, you get immediate clarity and focus on what a life and work you love looks like. You do this by creating your very own vision board that you get to take home with you. You also learn some important tips and practices to incorporate the vision board into a regular spiritual practice.

Live Workshop. Click here for more details.

Nurture a healthier relationship with money.

If you’re feeling stressed out and anxious when you think about money, or if you resist making any money plans, you might be carrying negative money stories. Uncover and release the money stories that get in your way of you living full-on out. Past participants have reduced their money stress in half and have created new money stories that support them in moving their money towards their dreams!

One-on-One Coaching or Group Tele-class. Click here for more details.

The formula for sharing your gifts as a service to the world.

Do you feel called to do work that’s more fulfilling and gives you a sense of freedom? You see, there’s no such thing as wrong work. But there is something called Right Work. Finding your Right Work is uncovering your unique gift that you love to do and that you’re good at, and offering it as a service to the world. 

One-on-One Coaching or Group Tele-class. Click here for more details.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Taking your life and work to a new level of expression.

When you’re feeling the call to take your life and work to a new level of expression, sometimes you need extra care and guidance to help navigate around the pitfalls and to keep you focused on your direction. One-on-one coaching with me gives you the personalized support and spiritual grounding to bring you to where your heart is leading you.  

One-on-one coaching via Skype, zoom, phone or in-person. Click here for more details.

Profile picture of Joselito Laudencia, MDiv, Spiritual Life Coach Centers for Spiritual Living Licensed Practitioner